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Monday, November, 19, 2018

Tips for choosing a sparkling wine for New Year’s Eve

I’m not quite sure why many people gravitate towards sparkling wines only for special occasions. I can honestly tell you that a good sparkling wine tastes just as good on a random Tuesday in February as it does on New Year’s Eve. I’m going to blame it on labeling terms. They can be a bit confusing.  What is the difference between brut and dry anyway? And let’s also blame tradition. We’ve been conditioned to think of sparkling wines only for special occasions such as weddings, New Year’s Eve, and Grand Openings! Since at least one of these occasions will present itself this week, let’s put to rest some of the confusion with a few tips for successfully choosing a sparkling wine for NYE and many occasions to come.


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2012 Chateau Mirefleurs, Bordeaux Superior AOC

I have lost count of how many wines I’ve tasted this spring. I think it’s probably more than previous Springs combined. The benefit of professionally tasting a lot of wines in a short period of time (and taking systematic copious notes on each of them) is that it becomes very apparent which ones stand out as good values, which ones are ready to drink or need more time to develop in the bottle before they are able show their full beauty, or which wines are a bit thin and passable, and which make you stop and think about its expression in the context of where it is from.  And which wines are a great value for the money. (more…)

Head-on Shrimp + 2013 Veracruz Verdejo at Sur Lie

Just in case you’re hankering for something to sink your taste buds into this week in ‪‎Portland, Maine, here’s a great pairing you might want to check out at Sur Lie, located at 11 Free St, Portland, ME 04101. These perfectly cooked head-on Shrimp with yellow curry, cilantro, basil, with flatbread (placed on the bottom to soak-up the curry) pairs well with the 2013 Veracruz Verdejo from Rueda, Spain.  (more…)

Chef Anthony St. Peter’s French-Tied Tandoori BBQ Short Rib at Eve’s at the Garden

I’d heard the term Sous Vide before, knew it was a cooking technique, but I wasn’t entirely sure what it was. Executive Chef Anthony St. Peter of Eve’s at The Garden in Portland, ME brought me up to speed with his French-Tied Tandoori BBQ Short-Rib with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Rosemary-Balsamic Reduction, and some Simply-Dressed Greens.  (more…)

2011 Cedré Héritage from Cahors, France

The 2011 Cedré Héritage from Cahors, France. Lush ripe red raspberry and plums, with intoxicating aromas violets and lily, smoky and dusty earth, cedar, tobacco, and chocolate. Medium plus body, alcohol, acidity and gripping tannins and finish. A really good wine from one of our favorite go to regions for good value reds. For eating in, this wine would go really well with a garlic and rosemary rubbed steak on the grill and a side of marinated shiitakes. If dining out, the steak at the Merry Table in Portland, Maine is one we highly recommend. Give them a few days advance notice and they can arrange to have this wine for you, And I believe they have a delicious Cahors on the menu.