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Monday, November, 19, 2018

Godello and Fried Mussels—Eventide Oyster Co., Portland, ME

I choose my wine and food together, especially here in Maine. Because the seasons are so short and the privately owned restaurants here are using as much locally sourced ingredients as they can. So while the food menu may change often, the wine lists typically do not change as often.  That’s a generalization of course and Eventide Oyster Co. is definitely an exception.


Quick Tip for Cooking With White Wine

Here is a tip for those of you that like to cook with white wine. When a recipe calls for a cup of dry white wine, avoid inexpensive Chardonnay. Because inexpensive Chardonnay typically has a heavy hand of fake oak flavors that will make your food taste like… fake oak flavors. If you’re looking to be in the price range of $6 for your recipe wine, opt for an inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. (more…)