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Friday, October, 19, 2018

Roasted Garlic, Cheddar and Bacon Deviled Eggs

This Sunday we’re on the hook for bringing something delicious to Easter Sunday gathering. So we met up with Christopher Harris of Crooners & Cocktails in Portland, Maine who was gracious enough to share his recipe for the restaurant’s Roasted Garlic, Cheddar, and Bacon Deviled Eggs. These deviled eggs are so rich and full of flavor and will pair well with a wines on equally footing. Here’s the recipe along with three wine pairing suggestions that stand up to the rich bold flavors of these eggs. 

Suggestive Wine Pairings

Sparkling: N/V Roederer Estate Brut ($24) or Brut Rosé ($28) from Anderson Valley, California are rich in body and complexity from 2 years on the yeast in the bottle. It’s bubbles and marked acidity will cut through the richness of the egg filling and help refresh your palates in between bites of food. also widely available and will pair nicely with a wide variety of foods which makes it a nice choice an Easter gathering.

White: 2014 Argiolas, Costamolino, Vermentino di Sardegna DOC, is a crowd pleaser of a wine with a rich aromatic nose of tropical fruits with a pinch of lime zest and floral notes. It’s well balanced with refreshing acidity to balance the richness of the fruit and body of the wine and richness of the eggs.  ($13)

Red: 2013 Markham Merlot, Napa Valley, California is a great example of a delicious and accessible Merlot and one of the better California Merlots we’ve tasted in quite some time at this price point. It’s full of ripe red and black fruit notes with baking spices, vanilla, tobacco and a full-bodied and balanced wines with a long finish.  ($24)

Recipe: Roasted Garlic, Cheddar, and Bacon Deviled Eggs

24 eggs were used in this recipe to make 48 deviled eggs

Step 1: Hard Boiled Eggs

  • Place uncooked eggs in a cold shallow pan (1-2 layers of eggs) and add cold water until the eggs are covered
  • Add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and bring water to a boil and let boil for 1 minute
  • Remove from heat, cover, and let the steam finish cooking the eggs
  • Let the eggs cool to room temperature
  • Transfer eggs to a bowl of cold water
  • Peel shells gently under water
  • Slice eggs lengthwise
  • Remove yolk and set aside in a bowl

Step 2: Roasted Garlic, Cheddar, and Bacon Filling

  • Cook 1 cup of garlic cloves in 3 cups of olive oil on very low heat for 8-10 minutes until the garlic cloves are soft and brown.IMG_9264-001
  • Cook 12 slices of bacon cooled and finely chopped
  • Combine above ingredients in a food processor
  • Add 1 1/2 cups of Cabot Sharp Cheddar Fondue, chilled
  • The 24 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • Slowly add heavy cream until the consistency has just reached smoothIMG_9266-001

Step 3: Assemble the Eggs

  • Fill Pastry bag with a wide tip on the end with the filling. If you don’t have a pastry bag use a teaspoon
  • Fill each egg half with the filling

Step 4: Toppings

  • Chris sprinkled smoked paprika and topped with green and purple
    micro-greens,giving the eggs a pop of color and flavor.IMG_9273-001
  • A piece of bacon and a little shredded Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese could be an optional great topping too.


  • Reserve the fragrant garlic oil for other cooking and uses.
  • Chris recommends using Cabot for the fondue. Here’s a recipe that we found online.
  • Place a dollop of filling as a base of your plate or platter to set the egg on to prevent the egg from tipping over.


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